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We recover lost data from all types of storage media.

recovery from external devices

Storage Device Data Recovery

The storage device data recovery depends upon on the severity of the damage to the drive. It is dimensioned to Tier 1 and Tier 2.In most cases it could be handled by our professional recovery software’s but in case of Tier2, physical damages like bad sectors which are usually the product defects; can be resolved by reallocating bad sectors or partitions. RAID servers, SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage), Flash drives, pen drives, hard drive, laptop/desktop, MacBook and iPad; we ensure fast and safe recovery irrespective of the data loss situation.

recover deleted data from phones

Mobile Data Recovery

It is vital to choose the right data recovery company for your mobile device, smartphone or tablet and recover the essential files back. Our mobile data recovery segment specializes from logically & physically damaged mobile devices and their storage media. Whether it is accidental deletion, ROM flashing, physically damaged screens, password locks or operating system corruption during software update or anything else; our engineers are able to recover all in a more secured and efficient way. Our expertise lies in repairing and reading the internal circuits, processors, flash memory and controllers.

how to recover deleted files

File Data Recovery

File loss happens when you experience accidental deletion or formatting, you have forgotten password, operating system crash, and there is virus attack or a logical/physical failure that has led to file corruption. The outcome is file loss. Our professional file data recovery services help you to repair and recover deleted Excel files (.xls), Word files (.doc), Outlook files (.pst/.ost), PowerPoint files (.ppt), Zip files (.zip), SQL Files (.zip), My SQL Files, QuickBooks files, Access Database files (.mdb), DB2 & DBF Files, and more from any types of storage devices and data loss situations irrespective of their make and models..

Why Choose Our Professional Data Recovery Services?

Data loss Crisisis are real but not the end of the world

Get my data:

We offer secure, fast and efficient professional services to recover your data. We believe in building our reputation as a trustworthy and transparent provider to our clients throughout USA. With state an art of infrastructure, skilled data recovery experts, in-house research team & development team, we are the fastest growing data recovery company in USA.We deliver 100% risk free recovery.

What you get with us:

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  • Expert Engineers, Sophisticated Data Recovery Facility and Tools
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We are a group of professional recovery experts who specializes in retrieving lost or inaccessible data from failed storage devices. These devices could be hard drives, RAID, SSD, flash drives, micro drives, zip drives, various memory cards, flash drives and much more.

With professional experience and a growing firm; our success rate is 95%.We make sure that your data is secured and is in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.

Why trust our services for data recovery?

You can neither buy trust nor can you ask from someone to trust you. It is earned. Being a growing firm in data recovery services, we are earning it from our satisfied clients.

How Much Will My Data Recovery Cost?

We are known for being at top when it comes to technology and fair data recovery service prices

How do you give the customer the data?

We send a through drive or cloud storage, most secured way.

Why is data recovery known to be a complex process?

You need to have team of experts and dozens of specialized tools to recover data from damaged media. There is no way we can compare two failure scenarios as they are not exactly alike. So there are always custom plans for every case.

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Good Work & Services !! Complete data recovery. thanks, Get My Data Recover

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Service is good. staff are too cooperative to solve the problem. I received all of my data.

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I think I got the entire data recovered by Get My Data Recover, a job well done.

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