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SD Card Recovery

SD Card Recovery

A SD Card (Secure Digital) is a flash memory card extensively utilized by digital cameras or smart phones. The spaces are from 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB to 128 GB, and types include the SD memory card, SDHC, SDXC, miniSD and microSD.

Get My Recover Data specializes in Regaining or Restoring deleted. Your records have been lost, there isn't any need. Typically, they're recoverable. You should utilize our data recovery software to receive back the files, if you never possess some knowledge about the practice.

Thinking about just how to recover deleted images in an SD card? Not a problem! Utilizing Disk Drill recovery is really a"piece-of-cake". Once you have successfully downloaded and installed Disk Drill, you can begin the recovery process. Listed below are the easy Measures to recover files from an SD card or Storage Device that is alternative:

  • Once you have inserted your storage media, it will come in Disk Drill
  • Click your device then click “Recover” next to it, this will prompt Disk Drill to start SD card file recovery and find your lost images, videos, music and files!
  • After a successful scan, you will then see a list of all recovered files usable for card recovery immediately.
  • Select which files you want to retrieve, then click the “Recovery” button. Your files will be restored and available at the location listed in “Recover To”.
  • Take a moment to view your files and pat yourself on the back. You just became a data recovery wizard with the best SD card recovery software around, Disk Drill
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